Poem 1_Life!

It isn’t only delusion, it’s a trap and prison. It deceives with its beauty, as if it gives a bounty as well. It’s a perfect home to greedy for it never gives satisfaction and greedy never get satisfied as well.

Its fake beauty glitters as if it isn’t deception and the closer you step ahead toward, the more it shows its beauty, leading you out of the right path as well. When you say “just a little.” It makes sure you get abundant and when you ask for another, it wouldn’t say it is over as well.

When you choose a reality, it wouldn’t make the load hell. It rather give you an extra for you’re not greedy so well.

This life sucks all, one have to get that much, not only understand it but also, act accordingly oh! well.

Don’t shun the people around you they’re the hope to hold you for the life it knocks all, sometimes it’s even hard to cope with and this is where we ask them for well.

This Dunya is a journey a short distance full of mirage. One need not only a light but also have to be a focusing as well.

This is how I get my night when insomnia guests my house and not any more interesting in books or a movie as well.

Author: Salim Y. Nuhu

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