Poem _Hello stranger!

• When we were strangers, I did nice things you didn’t ask. You did compliments for the things I didn’t do. We both understand and believe no one is perfect. But what happened? You didn’t accept any of your mistakes. I saw you a burden. But we still pretend to be okay. This is the problem!

• I don’t regard it when we were strangers. We pretend to be cool and the nice while we weren’t in reality.

• The fake smile, the nice shows and all the fine presents us shared while we were strangers. Serious relation? Let’s be ourselves we will love it.

• A century of cultures decades of training and lifetime of experiences. Don’t brag you know a man that much. We all are complex.

• I never thought of you because I’m busy taking my responsibilities. Why do you always spy on me?

• Peoples will cheer and praise you but don’t be deceived. They will copy and imitate you. If they failed, you couldn’t escape from their ego. It grows on a jealous heart.

• Don’t deceive yourself that you can do it all alone. Seek for help. If they help, compliment them if they don’t, that’s the reason you must do it alone. Just to make them clap for you.

• People will mock and made fun of you. Bro, provided you understand yourself and know your way, don’t talk to them it irritates them, more than you imagine.

• When people smile at you smile back. If they love you they will do more. If they hate you it kills them more.

• Don’t too good to always give, be a better person by showing how to get. But it’s best to show the significance of why to give.

• You don’t necessarily cook just to eat. Cook to say ‘I did this for you.’ and watch how they feel.

• Learn to give your children a choice that one day they will give others. Kids don’t do something we tell them. They do what we do.

• Give people as much chances and it takes until they realized you did it for their own good.

• Don’t tell everyone you are broken. A lot would never believe, a few would never understand.

• Hey, make yourself happy first. You can’t give something you don’t have.

• Keeping quiet for two hours in the midnight not reading and not writing is not wast of time provided your thoughts are on a way to improve your or someone else’s life.

• Learn to say ‘thanks’ and ‘sorry’ until people started to ask ‘for what?’ Give them a reason if there wasn’t, tell them ‘for being with me’ and ‘for my craziness.’ They not only smile they love you more.

• Don’t use emoji/Emoticons alone to show people how grateful you are if words may be best.

• Read minds from faces you may then understand pages from covers.

• It isn’t too bad to sacrifice for kids but, it’s too good to give and tell them ‘Sacrifice this they will ask you ‘How?’ Make sure you tell them the ‘why?’ Also.

• Give a boy sweet every day and he will tell you the truth every day. But don’t forget the smile is another way.

• It isn’t always good to tell people why you couldn’t help. Not everyone can see beyond words and hear beyond voice.

• You wouldn’t marry if you only need the best. What if I tell you people can still judge you by only hearing your name?

Author: Salim Y. Nuhu

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