Poem 3_Dad’s Love.


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I couldn’t say dad I love you, for the reason, I thought it was too hard to say. But his love was like a pool to me, a few times I feel like an ocean that raised up.

I can still say dad’s love was an ice to me. It thawed in me and gradually followed through my veins, then melt up.

When I attempt ‘daddy I love you,’ I only felt a sense of inconvenience. If I smile broadly he does broader as a backup.

If I thought of hugging, I feel not too indemnified, but I believe his chest was once a room just for me to put up.

If I bring my problems, he never sips until they’re identified. If I mourn a second he’d spent an hour with me only to catch up.

Sometimes, If I look around before I could say, he verified. If I nodded then his day has made up.

I’m his best half and loving but why, why we can’t hug? Oh dad. Whenever in the morning I rushed to him, I don’t know why but, he’d woken up.

If I woke up earlier and rushed again, I couldn’t find him the angel has walked away. A few days I can find him yet had dressed up.

‘Mum, dad likes leaving home early, help me identify.’ Only then I understand he did all that for me to bring up.

‘I love you, dad.’ I know this is too simple to say and my misunderstandings are too hard to hold. But I know one day we will cheer up.

Author: Salim Y. Nuhu
Photo Credit: Simple Easy Life

“A fathers’ love is unconditional. They always leave home but the family is always pocketed in their heart. Like and Share this poem to show your gratefulness.”

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