Poem 4_Mom’s Love.


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“She stands with you. Even if the whole world will leave you”
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Her stance is always for the kids. They pee, they fart and shits yet are all unidentified. Her health was already sacrificed all in the pace of not so lively.

She can’t eat if her kid was irresponsible. It makes her so stress for even a cough to come, how lovely?

She can’t nap, only a few of dozes yet she’d to cope. She lulled, and only then she can do something, obviously.

Remember back to days when you asked for a bar of chocolate, it wouldn’t take a second thought you get a chop. And this happens even if Dad is not home. A single mourn you did was hell to her. And that disturbed her I mean even mentally.

She did all she can to installed a best in you. Do you remember? I mean she couldn’t eat if you can’t eat, and this is not surprisingly only because she loves you naturally and unconditionally.

She carried you, in her a period of nine months enough. If you count about 280 days it is. What If I tell you, you were a portion to her? And that is why she was so lovely.

If I say ‘Mom, I love you.’ I think this is too odd to say. I don’t know what say, but I pray and I will always act so humbly.

Mum, I will made you proud that you gave a birth to kid, a kid that is worth it. I wouldn’t be weird, wild or disobedient. I will made you laugh and you will live so happily.

Photo credit: Simple Easy Art.

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