The food you eat…

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Your health can be determine by the food you eat and don’t forget…
“Health is wealth.”

The food you just eat gives you instant energy. But that food you used to eat, is far beyond about only an instant energy.

That daily dish you enjoy can make your life better. It can also affect and crippled every aspect of your life for ‘Health is wealth.’ Food is simply a master key which can open a better life or the worse one. You’re to decide.

The menu you mastered, the dish you lingered for, the aroma you craves and the thawing taste you always miss, adds up to bring you the physical strength and nice future health status.

The food you eat, maintains your physique and is a lifter to your mental capacity. It gives you inner peace and made you appear calm and gentle.

Good food prevent a poop mood. If you eat junk every day why wouldn’t you act junk? Your day will tell and your performance shall show what you eat.

That’s why peoples understand you’re drunk because you behave according to the food you eat. The amount of energy you can acquire and the productive day you can have when eating healthy food will never be in near zone with unhealthy one.

Eating healthy food adds quality life, multiply physical strength, raised intellects and increase performance in all views. Your health will assure this.

Hey, wait a moment! do food gives life or life gives food?🤔

Comment your belief with reason(s.)

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