What is your biggest fear?

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Did you fear darkness?
“Not every fear is useful some are problem!”

While fear itself is important and of great advantage, however, too much or uncontrolled fear is dangerous and could have a bad impact more than a physical trauma can ever bring. Do you believe? Lets’ discover!

What are your great fears?  Fear of darkness, insects, lizard, snake or a dog.
They all deserved to be feared because they can be dangerous.

On itself, fear is a strong protective measure. It’s a safety giving psychological feelings which prevent us against expected harm, lost, danger, hurt, failure and other negativity. It ensures safety and maintains our comfort by alerting us either to run or fight.

Does fear really have these great values? Yes. But, wait a moment. Did you ever ask why it’s important to fear your own room that you’re fully sure of its safety?

Some fears may appear funny and are worthless while other fears, instead of taking us to comfort zone, we ended up in the same zone we never wanted to be. Many peoples fail to accomplish what they really deserved only because their fears grew stronger. A few people fail to start up a business they dream for decades only because they feared the capital may be liquidated and this is why many students fail in exams without a guaranteed reason to claim. And this is why you need to master your Fear similar way you master your Habits [click on the below blue line]

“Master Habits And Control Them.”

It is essential to have a character of fear. But it is essential to master your own fears. The wise said, “Fear Killed million times before one actually dies.”

Fear is never a problem when it is not too much. It is a helping and determining factor whether to run, stay, lurk or attack. And those that are fearless, in reality, they feel the fear but they are able to control it. And this is a great success. Thus if because of any other reason a person appeared to be fearless, then there is likely a problem in his nervous system, it can be in the brain.

Fear as a problem
While some category of fear are crucial, other categories are considered an illness and psychological problems these groups are called irrational fears (they are extreme fears) and have a special term “Phobia.” Now discover which among these phobias did you have?

-Fear of dogs –Cynophobia
-Fear of trees –Dendrophobia
-Fear of insects –Entomophobia
-Fear of speaking in public –Glossophobia
-Fear of blood –Hemophobia
-Fear of cats –Elurophobia
-Fear of women –Gynophobia
-Fear of men –Androphobia
-Fear of marriage –Gamophobia
-Fear of peoples – Anthropophobia 
-Fear of failure – Atychiphobia  
-Fear of mirrors –Catoptrophobia
-Fear of water –Hydrophobia
-Fear of flying –Aerophobia
-Fear of books –Bibliophobia

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