What did you know about the flu, (influenza)?

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“Stay healthy and live long.”

Influenza (Flu). 
Influenza is an acute infection of the respiratory system caused by viruses (the influenza viruses).
The influenza virus is a complex virus which in certain conditions, tend to change their characteristics from parents down to offspring using a genetic activity call ‘antigenic shift and antigenic drift.’ The influenza virus is a spherically enveloped and filamentous in nature. It belongs to the family Orthomyoviridae.

The sore throat and cough cause by influenza are among the common reason why Antibacterial drugs are abnormally used. Keep in mind influenza is a virus.

It contains powerful antigens base on which its epidemiology depends.
i. Hemagglutinin
ii. Neuraminidase

Classification of Influenza Virus.
A. Influenza has three subtypes A, B, and C with group A as the most common and most potent against the human.

Flu Versus Common Cold.
Influenza sometimes is being confused with the less serious common cold, which is not the same but share certain sign and symptoms and for this reason cold and flu are hard to differentiate without undergoing some lab tests.

Sign and Symptoms
Infection caused by the influenza virus may be asymptomatic but it usually gives accompanied by fever, flushes, itching or red eyes, cough, sore throat, headache, weakness, and fatigue.

Symptoms Flu Common cold
Sign and Symptoms Abrupt Gradually
Fever Usual Rare
Headache Common Rare
Stuffy nose Sometimes Common
Sneezing Sometimes Common
Fatigue and Weakness Common Rare
Diarrhea Common in children Not common
Sore throat Sometimes Common
Severity More severe Less severe

Other sign and symptoms which are most prominent in flu includes chest aches, backaches, and sometimes may affect vision. While generally, patients of cold experienced runny nose than a stuffed one.

How can I know whether If have flu or cold?
Because sign and symptoms of influenza infection are shared with other respiratory infections, the best way to confirm your status is to be tested in a hospital lab by a medical professional.

Influenza viruses can be transmitted through respiratory droplets, cough, and sneezes of an infected person it also spread through direct contact (skin to skin) and indirect contact with an infected material

Consult your Doctor and stay away from Antibacterial unless your physician prescribed you.

Prevention and Control
Influenza viruses can be inactivated by sunlight, disinfectants, and detergents. To stay safe we must take note of:
1. Regular vaccination.
2. Avoid close contact with the patients.
3. Cover their nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze and do same when patients of Influenza cough or sneeze.
4. Use one-use materials to contain respiratory secretions.
5. Immediately dispose of the used tissues, handkerchiefs and napkins.

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