#1_Just because you’re right, it doesn’t mean everyone else is wrong!

“Be humble, everyone can be wrong. Even you!”

It was just a nice day to Kareem, one of the richest man in the whole realm of Gadaza. As he every week took a day off from the market to stay with his family.

That day, as usual, he was circled by his four kids and their two neighboring friends, teaching them the moral lesson of life.
They, all were silent listening attentively to every word he uttered and trying to answer the followed puzzles. He was seating upright from the middle and kids around.
A newspaper and his spectacles on the short sized table right in front of him and tea-kettle from the other side.
“Okay, now listen to this story and tell me the lesson you gained afterward,” said Kareem.
“Okay,” the kids answered in unison.
“Once often a time, there was one great king who always strives on uniting his kingdom. There comes a day of his 50th anniversary and that day, he wanted to teach his subjects a great life lesson of life. In the morning, he sent a gang of hunters into the forest to bring him an elephant before the arrival of his guests and other important persons.
Sometime later, in the afternoon, the hunters come back with a big giant old elephant, and shortly after, the king instructs the announcement of the celebration.” Kareem keeps quiet for a while before he continues.
“In the meantime, the palace was filled up with thousands of peoples. The king then sent an emissary to six blind elders of his kingdom. It was not surprising they, the blinds arrived in time. The king asked to bring in the elephant into the crowd and stand in front of everyone, everyone was so excited to see the elephant. He asked everyone to observe and listen carefully to what is about to happen. And turned to the blinds ‘who among you have knowledge about an elephant?”
They answered, “All they heard is, an elephant is a strange creature, and peoples say it is massive.”
“Does someone among you somewhere touch an elephant?”
“No” they answered.
However, he, the king ordered them to touch and observe the elephant and tell their perception to the spectators;
The first blind man came in, he approached from the front he touched and grasped the tusk he observed it for minutes and then the king asked him
“How does the elephant feels like to you?”
“Sir, an elephant is a long cylindrical but hard, and pointed creature, like a spear” the man answered.
The second man followed. His handed on its side so he grabbed its ears. After he finished the king ask him; “How elephant does appear to be in his perception?
The man said, “It is wide, and it must be a fan-like creature.”
Then the third person set in, he approached its side and inspect its trunk and when the king asked him he said “This being, is exactly like a wall”
Then the fourth who grabbed it tail answered it is like a rope, Sir.”
The fifth man approached its leg he observed it carefully the answered: “elephant is a pillar like a tree-trunk, sir.”
Then the King turned to the crowds and said, “This is the lesson of life, in life, sometimes we might all be true it only depend on our local perception. Sadism, happy, skeptic and good critique person would always see things through their mood and condition. We may all be wrong also sometimes.”
King, explained to the blinds how elephants look like he gifted them and dismissed them.

”We all can be wrong and for that, we shouldn’t fight against someone else’s belief. Are you ready for the next story?” Asked Kareem.

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