#2_Even if they wouldn’t help you, people will always judge you!

“People will always act as if they know you more than you know yourself.
Just live your life anyway.”

‘One afternoon, a father and his son were sitting in a barn with their horse after lunch time.’ Kareem started telling the story to his children.

‘The father asked his son, “Shall I teach you something remarkable though difficult about peoples?”
“Yes,” the son answered in surprise.
The father stood up without saying a word and brought out the horse then asked the son to follow him. The man was holding the rope of the horse and the son following from behind still in surprise.

After some minutes of the trip, all of them on foot, they met with peoples working on a farm. The man and the son greeted them and continued their walking but before they could go past them, those men started to mocked on them
“Look at these fools, they have a horse but all of them were walking on foot, how could they be so foolish?”
The man turned to his son “Did you hear that?”
“Yes,” answered the son.“Okay, let us be on the horse.”
They went over the horse and continues their journey. A few minutes later they met with another bunch of young men, by the riverside before they reached them they overheard them; “Hey, look at these merciless peoples, two of them on a single horse. This is unfair one should be on foot.”
After they passed, the father asked: “I hope you heard what they said?”
“Yes, Papa.”
“Okay now, follow me on your foot I will ride the horse.”
They just started to move, when they heard two peoples were passing by, “Look at this man, he should be walking while allowing the son to ride. This is unfair, maybe he is not his father.“Do you hear them.”
“Yes,” answered the son.
“Good, now it is your turn. Come and ride I would be on my feet.”
This time, after a bit longer distance, they meet with again a group of peoples sitting under a tree, they almost past when one of the peoples headed and stopped them “You, you are young and strong. You shall be walking on the ground and give your father the horse to ride.”
The father smiled and told his son to go back home.
After they come back, the father told to his son “Today, you learned a lot, this is life and this is how peoples behave. You would end up hurting and wasting your precious time if you live to impress them. Just live!”

“Jabir did you understand this story?” Kareem asked his youngest child.
“Yes, Papa, very well I like this one.”
Well okay, listen to this.
“I have a question to all of you,” Kareem said.
“What is a success?”

We are eager to hear your answer in the comment box, below. And to hear Kareem’s children’ answers, kindly stay with us till story #3.

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