#3_What is success, to you?

“Let’s discover what success is all about.”

The boys kept quiet trying to figure it out. “What is a success?” Kareem repeated the question.

“Okay, the question is for Hassan, Jabir, and Ikhram alone.”
“I would start.” Jabir raised his hand.
“Okay. What is Success Jabir?”
“Papa, to me success is when I get enough money, I build my father and mother a big house, I bought a car I bought my father one. I’d like to buy a big house for myself too.”
Kareem smiled “Hassan.”

Hassan who was the elder brother of Jabir started “Pa, to me success is when I gained admission and finished my university excellently and got a good job that brings me enough money to help you and my brothers and… I married a beautiful wife and build a happy family.”
Finally, Ikram’s turn comes, she is the youngest of all of Kareem’s children.
She giggled before starting “Like Hassan pa, but in addition, I think my success will only be completed if I get a caring husband. Who would take our responsibility after all I think I’m successful.”
Kareem turned to kids, “You are intelligent though you got it wrong however, I can say you are all somewhat correct.

“Let me explain what the success is. First of all, success is not about money or family. It is about contentment and living for yourself and for others. Someone might have millions of dollars but without contentment, one wouldn’t be happy. Someone might grow with no one as a family but if he stands for others, he would definitely get some peoples who would be his family and his happiness.” Kareem sighed before continued.
“Success is based on how you see the life and how you believe in yourself and these are one of the keys to happiness. But it can never be the overall meaning. Now listen to one part of a success;
To a new entrepreneur, success is when his business boomed. And to the new couples is when they tolerate each other and accept themselves like that. Soon their happiness will change as they got their kid, this is their success now.”

However, to this newly born baby, his success is when the baby is fit and healthy to live. A few months later his success is when the baby can recognize his parent’s voice. At age of one, two, or three success is when he can walked. At the age of about 5 years, success is if this boy doesn’t wet his pants. At 5,6, and 7 it’s when he couldn’t miss the way home.
All these changes as he approaches 10 years. Because, at about ten everyone to intermingles with peers, friends. If he reaches the age of 18 without a recognizable deformity, syndrome of mental and serious physical issues, this is also a success and even those children with disease a successiful because many died before they’re even born.” Kareem paused.

“It’s not weired if he can only read and write at his 20th this also a success. It never means one must graduate or get married at age of 25 or 26. You are still successful if you started a job at the age of 30 years or above, provided you learn other skills and personalities. It’s absolutely okay to be father earlier or later than your friends and siblings for you know what success meant to you and that’s why endure to you answer the name “Dad” early or maybe late. If you installed a qualitative habit and maintained a good education in your children at the of 50 this is a big success. As one grow to 60 years, success is to be able to perform and maintain duties and relations. If you reach the age of 65 years, fit and healthy, consider this a success and even those with the disease are successful if only they believe with that because by that age many of their age mates would died by then. If by 70th you didn’t have loads of regrets of your youth, this is a success.”

” Listen, boys, do you know what is a success as you approach your 90th? It’s when you can recognize the way back to home and it’s a success if around this age you can recognize your grandchildren and don’t wet your pants. Therefore, this is a success.”
The boys were paralyzed and lost a word.
“In a nutshell, success is all about a purpose. A purpose of healthy living and living for happy,” Kareem concluded.

Let us hear what a success means to you in the comment-box below. It is good idea to share this peaces of success with your love ones.

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