#4_Sometimes, you are the problem!

Accept corrections and grow wiser.

Around the year 1850 there was a massive loss of too many mothers during the time of delivery, thIS problem spiked and kept Doctors and researchers at a great temptation and confusion.

Every possible cautious and preventive measure was implemented but all in vain then an Austrian obstetrician professor, Ignac Semmelweis, demonstrated that death of mothers after giving birth as a result of sepsis and could be reduced from over 10% to under 2% by a simple act of hand washing between every case, particularly between postmortem examinations and the delivery suite.

He was ignored by his colleagues (Doctors) upon insisting he was imprisoned as an insane asylum and died at the age of 47 that is before the value of his work was accepted two decades later.

β€œMy question is what if you are the problem?”


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