Guide-path to help you quit cigarette smoking. Now!!

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“Smokers are liable to die young.”

One of the most common pieces of advice I’ve been receiving from both my smokers friends and strangers is “Don’t let yourself start smoking, whatever the reason will be.” Every time I hear this statement, I got confused. To me, it was like they are enjoying a freshly made dish at the same time, they’re telling me that the delicious dish I craved for wasn’t good enough for me while they drool in between chops.

However, I was thankful but this happened after I discovered what the cigarette-smoking-journey is all about. I’m happy and grateful that I got honest friends who instead of encouraging me to try, they rather encourage me to stay away from the smoke. Unsurprisingly, it’s obvious that a great number of people smoking were basically doing it through and initially because of their influence of their friends.

Moreover, the second most common statement I heard especially when I advised my smoker friends to abstain was “I want to quit. I tried every possible way but I can’t.” Every day I heard this, I laughed. I simply thought they were making fun of me until I come to study about smoking-habit. Now that I realized, I pity them instead. And I’m supposed to help them stop the habit as possible as I can, therefore, this the most important reason for this article. You can also help some of them by simply sharing with your family and friends.

Nevertheless, the above-mentioned answers I used to get were not only restricted to my friends or the few unknown peoples I talked with. It’s similar answers you can get with almost every other smokers. 
I am happy to say, congratulations! Because today I am solely going to talk about smoking and ways to quit it. Therefore, you arrived at the best place to make your dream come true. Let’s go and help you stop that f*cking smoking habit.
Before you proceed with the real strategies for quitting this destructive behavior, we advise you, to review an article first; “Change the Habit You Hate.” Simply click on the link below.

To know how to quit smoking behavior, you must, first of all, know what smoking is all about because you cannot solve a problem you don’t know. Therefore no way, you can stop smoking if you don’t know what smoking is all about. 
A single stick of Cigarette contains thousands of different chemicals must of which their negative effect increase the moment a cigarette is lit up because they become more volatile as they get combusted –changing from solid to liquid and gases. Out of all the thousands chemical identified, more than 50 were confirmed carcinogens and 30 more were said to be metals, some of which are radioactive.

Compositions of Cigarette.
The chemicals that make cigarette include Carbon monoxide, Ketones, N-nitrosamines, Quinine, methane, benzene, ammonia, acetone, phenol, Nicotine, Amines, Aromatic metals, Tobacco-specific naphthalene, nitrosamines, Hydrogen cyanide, Formaldehyde, Nitrogen oxides, Dimethyl nitrosamine, Non-nicotine alkaloids, Tar, Aldehydes and, many other ill substances.
Furthermore, this article is by far too short to explain the effect of all the above constituents of cigarette, but still, a shallow overview is given to let us keep the real threads in mind.

What do the constituents do?
Ammonia: was responsive for the nauseating and offensive smell of pee. It’s also used in cleaning products.
Acetone: is one of the paint strippers and a component of nail polish remover.
Naphthalene: is a carcinogen used in mothballs.
Butane and Methanol: are found in the fuel they aid combustion.
Cadmium: is a destructive substance used in car batteries
Phenol: is used in fertilizers.
Carbon monoxide: is the dark irritating gas emitted from incomplete combustions like in stoves and vehicles.
Nicotine: is found in pesticide and it is the main reason why smokers can’t give in so easily.
Arsenic: This is a heavy metal and also used in insecticides.
Hydrogen cyanide: is used in rat poison.
Formaldehyde: it’s a chemical used as a specimen preservative commonly in labs.

A moment to quit.
When quitting smoking, it is not the whole day, a whole week or the entire month that is important, we only have to focus on specifically the moment we feel the need to smoke (crave.) And it is not the amount or the number of the cigarette per day that matters the most, provided you wanted to quit. Take it easy and follow me. Gradually you will understand the process. I think quitting a smoking habit without knowing the basic ABC of quitting the smoking could be difficult. So let’s move on.

Why couldn’t I quit?
The simplest answer to the above question is an addiction. However, when we dig a little bit deeper, you will understand that addiction to smoking is raised because the cigarette contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is a substance which whenever gets into our body, it elicits its effect in our neurons therefore after a series of biochemical activity a neurotransmitter ‘Dopamine’ is secreted. And Dopamine is what gives a sense of relief, happiness and, satisfaction whenever you smoke or do something to gives pleasure. Moreover, it is this crave of the satisfaction that urges and draws you back to smoke again and again whenever you decide to abstain.
Horribly, it is because of this addiction smokers were convinced that nicotine defined who they are, they believe it’s the Nicotine that helped them cope with any situation and that, life without it would be terrible which is all not true and are totally unreal and the moment a smoker relay on nicotine, it will quickly destroy all the pre-addiction memories of his happy moment. This is why a long time smokers looked insane.
Smoking Kills
How much terrible awkward must it be for a man to buy his death with his own pocket money? It’s definitely the same because every Doctor on this earth agrees cigarettes shortened life span. Every researcher complies that smoking is dangerous and every ministry accepts the fact that smoking kills. It’s even written clearly that “Smoker are liable to die young!” Yet you see a man looking for a more expensive cigarette in other contest, it can be said that one was looking for the more expensive weapon to kill himself. Pathetic!

Okay, quit it, now!
Quitting smoking habit is not as simple as deciding what to eat in the long lunch-time-menu. It’s perhaps hard and rough but it worth all the sacrifices and suffering provided one made it happened, you remain victorious. Now that you know what a Cigarette contained let’s get rid of the habit. Among all afore mention criteria, #1 and the most important point is “to believe that you want to quit and you can quit. Feel the power that this time, you must do it no matter the cost.” Now that your willpower grows strong, let’s see these points.
**To quit smoking, you have to hate the habit.
**Don’t feel comfortable when someone is smoking in your presence if possible leave the place or send the person away.
**If you decided to quit smoking then, no way you can carry a cigarette or a pack with you
**Quit smoking one day at a time. No need to rush and concern about tomorrow or the following day or week. Try and adjust so that you can concentrate on “no smoke from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep.”
**Work on strategies and develop an attitude of quitting the smoking habit; like seeking for advice, visiting a Doctor, eating healthy food and so on.
**Stay away from any trigger of your smoking habit, these include; going to bar, drinking coffee, anger, going to the club, drinking alcohol, and improper social events. If only you must attend an event, leave as soon as possible no need to wait until closing time.
**Tell your family and friends including any close relative that knows you smoke that you quit and let them hold you accountable.

There is usually a withdrawal effect that made smoker sick as they take the first few days without nicotine. To cope with this condition;

Quick Therapy
* Contact your Doctor the moment you decided to quit to stay healthy, active and positive and visit him on any change you may feel.
*Eating fruits will help you get control.
*Drink plenty of water from good sources and drink of fresh fruit juice to let you feel complete.
*Despite the help you may receive from family and friends, you may still encounter crisis like tiredness, fatigue, inactive, feverish, headache, itching, ill and restlessness. Hurry up to see your doctor for advice. On the first visit, made it clear to your doctor that “You decided to quit cigarette smoking and you need his help and support.”

Remember smoking when you feel unhappy or bored is never a solution. It will instead complicate the situation.

No matter how long you have been an Ex-smoker, don’t ever think you can safely take a sniff one day. A single breath with cigarette can destroy your long term plan. Once out try to keep it out by always reminding yourself “Never Again.”

Practice this for a week, take it to more weeks, month and let’s see for a year. Buy a book and jot down your improvement every week. Make sure you do this!

Comment how you want us to help you in the comment box below
Stay healthy. 
Thank you.


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