Poem 4_Broken Heart!

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“How does it feels? To be dump after being loved to the moon and back?”

When I eat, I feel tasteless. I’ll add sweeteners until my tea compacted. Guess what? It’s still tasteless.

When I go to bed, my nights were sleepless. I off the light and on again until it’s countless. Yet a nap wouldn’t visit me.

All the perfume I used before, I wonder why are now scentless. She said her favorite color was ’pink. Then why all pinkish are suddenly fading?

When I went to the classroom for understanding the lectures, I gave my all in. I only will arouse for all the while, uh! I was thinking.

When I listened to music, then why are they telling the world about me. Did she even tell them she broke me?

Well, people say ’follow your heart. I agree with them but this is before she breaks me. For now, I doomed since the heart is broken into pieces.

When I turned on the Tv, wait, why is she appearing again-again even after I rub off. I smashed my phone after a million calls each dial telling ’busy.

We were once like a tire-and-motor. She always says I’m her tire to move on. Now I realized I am not up to a knot to tie up.

Her favorite places are all deserted. She never gives me something like flash in. And last time I saw her, she was smiling.

Then why shall I be broken? Why can’t I be a mighty? I shall show her my power show the world that I am a hero. I can live the way I want.

The little me is now grown up. Love me or hate me I’ll still make it. Love me truly and I shall payback. Broke me if you wish but I’m wise now.

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