Yesterday was ‘world books day’ do you know?

“Books have one power which let you know about past, understand the present and let’s you predict the future.”

With books, one grows wiser. every person becomes healthier then mind become mightier. With books, Beliefs becomes firmer. Hope turn stronger and wish is then meaningful.

A book can make vision clearer. Mission become completed therefore aim can be targeted. Book has power, it makes reason become reasonable, dream become a plan and clues become understandable.

The books are a blessing that made a hint comprehensive. It also turned daydream reality then it pours its blessings. With the book we see 100 miles ahead of us and see the invisible we talk of.

It lets us hear the inaudible and imagine the abstracts. It craves us the feelings of another world. Made us visit another life without taking a step out of bed.

With book boring fades, fun revives and joy booms. Books made forget the pains and hope the gains. With books lots to say and lot to see, nonetheless a lot to tell while imagining a lot of loads.


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