Why can’t you treat Common Cold?


A common cold is one of the most frequently suffered illness and the disease almost not exclusively affect the  upper respiratory system, nose, and pharynx. It is a highly infectious disease caused by viruses; coronaviruses, adenoviruses all of which the rhinoviruses take the highest number of cases.

Children of six years and younger, are at greatest risk of cold and in most instances, peoples recovered in seven to ten days without taking medications, however, any change that didn’t favor recovery, you need to visit your Doctor.

How does the virus get into our body?
These viruses get into our body through mouth and nose when we come in contact with infected nasal secretions, respiratory droplets or through fomites like a handkerchief. Its spread is facilitated by overcrowding, poor ventilation, and poor hygiene.

Sign and Symptoms of Common Cold.
Sign and symptoms of a common cold are similar in some ways with that of flue only that flu tend to stay for a longer period and is more serious than the common cold. Among its features are sneezing, cough, watery or stuffy nose, followed by thick yellowish to greenish mucosal discharge, headache, and nasopharyngeal irritation. Fever is rare in common cold but usually accompanied the flu.

Click on this link to read about Influenza (FLU)https://artsofliving.net/2019/02/28/what-did-you-know-about-flu-the-influenza/#more-279



There is no specific treatment. However, drinking warm water help to relieve the stuffy nose, watery nose, and surrounding irritations. And because of the enormous number of the different strains of the Rhinovirus ( the most common cause of common cold,) immunity to this disease is not very well preserved.

Among the all acute respiratory illness two-thirds to three-fourths are caused by viruses. And this is a clear cut why taking Antibacterial medication is at all inconvenient. Even though Most of these viral infections affect the upper respiratory tract, lower respiratory tract can be involved in certain epidemiological settings which may result in pneumonia and other related conditions.

Therefore, the common cold is not being able to be cured simply because most of the time we take antibacterial drugs instead of the appropriate anti viral.


  • Use tissue or handkerchief to sneeze or cough.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Avoid unnecessary crowd
  • Use mask in bad ventilation
  • Eat and drink from healthy sources.
Symptoms/Sign Common cold Flu
Sign and Symptoms Gradually Abrupt
Fever Rare Usual
Headache Rare Common
Stuffy nose Common Sometimes
Sneezing Common Sometimes
Fatigue and Weakness Rare Common
Diarrhea Not common Common in children
Sore throat Common Sometimes
Severity More severe Less severe

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