Yesterday was ‘International women’s day’ do you know?

“A creature that gives supports and shows strength even in her last minutes.”

No doubt that the world appears so beautiful because of you; mother, sister, daughter, aunt, other close women including girlfriend and woman of occupations.

March 8th is Women’s Day.
Which woman inspires you? Is there any legendary woman that never give up on you and always motivates you?

Then on this day blessings, prayers and gifts shall be sent to mothers, grandmothers, daughters, girlfriends and every close woman and wish them happiness and healthy living.

These women play an important role in every day of our life. They are man’s other half and no man is whole while he missed the other part.

They give us courage and support. A shoulder to cry on. They are the best friend and first teacher of every man.

Wait, do you ever imagine your existence without one to cuddle and stroke your cheeks? Who is the woman inspiring you the most? It deserves comforting words at least today.

’Just grab your phone now! Send her a message of gratitude for everything she’s done.’

A good woman is a treasure. You not only come to the world because of a woman. Your habits and characters were all installed in you by a woman.

Women are like gold. They glitter all the time but you wouldn’t know their real value until you lost one.

Women are gorgeous. Do know you know the rule of a chess game? The king protects the mass but only the queen protects the king. This is a woman.

The world is lucky to have been decorated with such beautiful creatures in the name of the women.

I think sharing this message to your beautiful woman, will put a smile on her lips. Please, send to make her smile.


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