Do you feel sad when people judge you?

Mr. Nkomo is an English lecturer in one of the prestigious universities of the country. He naturally was liked by every student of the department especially, because of his unique way of delivering lectures. Students use to beg and write application letters to HOD only to get Mr. Nkomo.
One day, during his lecture to the 400 level students, he slowly and for the first time during his lectures took out his new good looking blue color coat, and put it onto the front chair. He continued his lecture and meanwhile, he removed the necktie then the glasses.
A few minutes later he untied his shiny Rolex wristwatch and this time the class warmed up with murmurs.
His gentle looked calmed class he then asked what was wrong but no one dared to answer. He dropped the wristwatch and went in front of the board.


“Look, gentlemen tell me what is wrong. I promise you nothing bad will happen,” the class was silent
Mr. Nkomo repeated his word for the second time but not a word from the students. He smiled “I am sure the murmurs is because of me.” I just need someone to tell me what he thoughts – why I removed?”
Pointing at the monitor. The class monitor takes a few seconds before he stood.
“What did you think?”
“Um, nothing sir.”
“Tell me the truth.”
“Mmm, sir maybe you are cold.”
“But the weather is so comforting,” said Mr. Nkomo.
“It’s possible you are not well,” said one of the students.
“Good, clap for him” Mr. Nkomo responded.
“I expected a different answer but I like this too. Now, who will tell me a better one?” This time, there were tens of students whose hands flew high.
Mr. Nkomom pointed at one young man “Sir, I like your wristwatch anyway. However, it’s also common to let people know we own new things.” The class busted out laughing.
“Excellent next student.”
“Sir you appeared fat, maybe the sizes make you uncomfortable.”
“Thank you all. I wanted to give you a life lesson. Look, I am doing what I want with my own belongings that I bought with my own money yet everyone judges me about it. This life, whether you do or you don’t people will always define you. Live your life and let them count.” Mr. Nkomo concluded.

“Sometimes, only you’re the solutions to your problems.”


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