Respect Is Earn Not Buy.

In an organization of tens to twenties of young people, it happened to be that the gate-man was an old poor man. This man was too weak and helpless, he kept eyes on the get so he could get some penny to support his family.

One afternoon, after every worker was out of their office, the old man was restless. He was not sure but he felt something wasn’t right therefore, he grabbed the keys and went into the offices as usual but this time, checking every single room and the toilets.
He searched every room but there was nothing wrong or unusual, he got to the last room but still unease. He pulls the door gently and stepped in then heard a strange sound and fainting. He rushed in, followed the direction of the sound and arrived at a washroom door. He opened the room, and horribly there was a young lady lied in blood. He moved in and fetched the lady to hospital after she recovered, the young lady told him that while using the washroom ceiling pan fell on her and the door which could only be open from outside closed while her co-workers were already out.


She thanks the gate-man for saving her life but “who tell you I was in there?” she asked.
The old man sighed “No one need to tell me. I spent ten consecutive years in this organization working as a gate-man and, for the whole of these years, you are the only person that greets me in the morning when you arrive and bid me goodbye before going out. Today, as usual, you greeted me and I longed for your ‘Bye’ but surprisingly, for the first time, I didn’t see you out of the gate. I couldn’t-” The old man sobbed.

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