Why lips crack in cold weather?

Author: Shababiru Yakubu.


The drying, cracking, swelling, feeling of pain and tearing of lips usually happens during the cold session, this is very common but how can you treat it and prevent yourself from future occurrence?

The painful cracking, swelling and tearing which usually happened in the corners of mouth is called Angular Stomatitis.

Angular Stomatitis
This is a chronic inflammatory condition of the corners of the mouth usually associated with poor hygiene and sanitation of mouth and nose. It is commonly cause by fungi and bacterial (Staphylococcal), and those people affected may also have some thrush (oral candidiasis). The areas are slightly painful and last from days to months, depending upon whether or not the affected person maintain healthy living and seeks treatment and medical help.

People At Risk Of Angular Stomatitis:
Angular stomatitis may affect people of all ages. But encouraged by long term drooling (pooling of saliva) which helps fungal and bacterial growth. Patients with compromised body immunity e.g. those undergone radiation therapy. Those with diabetes mellitus are also prone to this condition as a result of increased blood sugar level.

Predisposed patients may have problems with:
Iron deficiency, Vitamin B12 deficiency, Folic acid deficiency, improper use of dentures.

Signs Of Angular Stomatitis:
Sign of angular cheilitis will almost exclusively appear at the corners of the mouth. The symptoms can be both physically painful and cosmetically frustrating. Symptoms can vary from having only mild redness to having blisters, swollen, cracks, crusts, itches, scales and bleeding. It also present with, bad tastes, chapped, dry and burning feeling on the lips.

Causes Of Angular Stomatitis
There are several causes of angular Stomatitis. The most common is a yeast infection as a result of drooling saliva and pouting.

Sometimes, patients lick their lips more in an attempt to soothe the pain or dryness of their lips. This excess saliva will sit in the corners of the lips, which is the perfect warm environment for fungus like yeast to grow.

Certain people are more at risk of developing angular Stomatitis then other those people include; People who are used to have an overhang upper lip, frequently use of corticosteroids or antibiotics, high sensitive skin individual, have other inflammatory illnesses, like Crohn’s disease, anemic patient, diabetic patient of cancer and smokers.

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