What do you know about Albert Einstein?

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Almost everyone knows at least the name ‘Albert Einstein’ and his intelligence but not everyone really knows a bit about Einstein’s behaviors. This is the reason today’s article is published, just to tell a bit about Einstein character.
The moment we hear the term “Theory of Relativity” all we could come in our minds is Albert Einstein. Because he is well known for his work on relativity.
There was a time when Einstein was invited to give the presentation on his theory “Theory of relativity.” However, Einstein is almost every time accompanied by his driver when it comes to such occasions, therefore, when they enter the hall, Einstein’s driver went and sat in the last row while Einstein made his way to the front and delivered a presentation on his theory.
After the presentation, while going home Albert’s driver told his boss that the theory he was presenting is so simple that, “even I can give a presentation on it.” Guess what? Einstein was not annoyed instead he was happy that his theory is understood even by a simple layman.


Moreover, some days later, Einstein was invited to another presentation on the same “theory of relativity.” Surprisingly, Einstein asked his driver to present the theory, and you know that was a time when media was not effective therefore none of the people in the hall had known Einstein. After Einstein insisted, his driver agreed to present only because he has no other way and Einstein acted as the driver.
At last Einstein driver started mimicking his boss and everyone believed that he was real Einstein, the presentation was good and he answered every question because almost all the questions were once asked in the previous presentations and were answered by his boss.
After the question session another man raised up his hand again and this time asked a different question which was never asked or taught by Einstein in the previous presentations. The driver sighed and it’s clear to himself that he doesn’t know but how could he cover that up. Then, he came up with an idea he smiled and replied “You are asking such a silly question that even my driver can answer, he is sitting in the last row you can clarify it with him” and he finished the presentation.


Yeah, the driver was intelligent but Einstein was cool also. After the presentation of what he thought the world didn’t understand a driver told him is simple and instead of getting agree and storming some rude question he smiles and felt happy that since a layperson understood his theory then everyone could.
This is Einstein. Write in the comment box below, your reaction to the driver if you were Sir. Einstein.
Photo Credit: Inside The Perimeter

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