Do you decide on your career yet?

Do you decide on your career yet? Do you really know where exactly you wanted to go?

If your dream is set and you got yourself focusing on that same core point, then likely you did one of the hardest part in achieving whatever else you wanted to get in life.


Hello everyone,

Today, I think it’s better if we discuss on something that seems too simple but, I think, its simplicity does more damage by confusing most of people.

Actually, everyone likes a ‘readymade’ or a ‘takeaway’, right?

I mean, people like something that they would just enjoy without really bothering how much hard work is required before accomplishing it, right?

Well, I also like that kind of free-everythings. And if you liked them too, I am happy, after all, we have something in common.

However, I would have to say sorry first if your likes of those takeaway foods and parcels are applied to your everyday life.

You see, this life never makes any free delivery; everyone you see with something, he/she definitely worked for that. And if incase, someday somewhere you see a clear path to achieving your dream, excuse me!

I mean likely, you are lost because that could be someone else’s. The rule is that you have to go out, find your cluttered path, clean it, prepare it for a ride then set your principles (as a demarcation) indicating that you got you path ready then…

You have to work, work and work until you are great. However, one thing is important: do not be fooled that you can do it all alone; ask for help wherever necessary.

After all, I just wanted say everyone prepare for his/her own way by himself and if it happens to that, you had yours prepared, so ask yourself the next important question: “How to…?”

Life doesn’t do free delivery just like it never provides a readymade or a takeaway.


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