Do you ever ask yourself whether you can do it or not?

Today’s article briefly explains to you about something very interesting. You know, at some points in our lives there comes a moment when we started to doubt ourselves, we doubt our capabilities, we became frustrated and angry about ourselves and our past. Do you ever experience that?

I think if you never experience that, then, may be one of your siblings, friends or at least one of your relatives had gone through that. This is why it’s important to share with your family and friends so that they could know how to manage themselves.

Okay, let’s go…

Let me tell you a short story first of all: You see, the two semesters in the second year of my university were the hardest terms every student would tell you about. Within these two semesters actually, there was a long list of topics to be covered in both subjects/courses and there were a lot of assignments, monthly tests, practicals and the normal routine of lectures from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, mostly.

I think I shouldn’t mention to you how much every one of us suffered because, you can imagine it taking meals only once or twice in a day, spending your day in class or library and the rest of your free time you would be busy conducting your assignments, completing you note or doing some self-studies. There is just a lot of thing. Moreover, that year, there were a lot of students who felt like ‘it’s over.’ They just felt ‘no, it’s not paying.’ and they were right. We all are right!

You know what?! It is ok to feel that way, it is very normal to be angry when you tried several and failed all the times.


But, I want to assure you that; whatever the condition makes you feel, whatever questions you asked about yourself, don’t just let all of the work you did in the past went unrecognized. I don’t mean you shall continue trying and failing. No brother/sister.

You see, the first step to maintain yourself during those crisis moments is that: you have to put in your heart that you may not make it in the first attempt, in your second time, third or fourth.

Hence, the second and another crucial point is that remember, you could do it wrong, therefore, take a step backward and check ‘how are you doing it.’ I don’t say you shall check ‘how much are you doing it,’ please.

You see, if you get to know about your fault by checking ‘how are you doing it’ then, remember, that: You are not born a superhero, therefore, go out and seek for help, get a mentor, ask questions or analyze it yourself then go back and do it again. Do it, do it again, again and again, and don’t remember to keep checking, you can make still make mistakes because sometimes, the problem is you.

“There are times when you did things correctly. You took every step absolutely right and considered every precaution yet, you fail. Take it easy, some things were simply not meant to be.”

`~Salim Y. NUHU

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