What do you know about Albert Einstein?

Almost everyone knows at least the name 'Albert Einstein' and his intelligence but not everyone really knows a bit about Einstein's behaviors. This is the reason today's article is published, just to tell a bit about Einstein character. The moment we hear the term “Theory of Relativity” all we could come in our minds is... Continue Reading →


Grasses (by Bai Juyi ‘772-846’ CE)

CHINESE VERSION白居易 《赋得古原草送别》 离离原上草, 一岁一枯荣。 野火烧不尽, 春风吹又生。 远芳侵古道, 晴翠接荒城。 又送王孙去, 萋萋满别情。 ENGLISH VERSIONBoundless grasses over the plain Come and go with every season; Wildfire never quite consumes them — They are tall once more in the spring wind. Sweet they press on the old high- road And reach the crumbling city-gate…. O Prince of Friends,... Continue Reading →

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