Grasses (by Bai Juyi ‘772-846’ CE)

CHINESE VERSION白居易 《赋得古原草送别》 离离原上草, 一岁一枯荣。 野火烧不尽, 春风吹又生。 远芳侵古道, 晴翠接荒城。 又送王孙去, 萋萋满别情。 ENGLISH VERSIONBoundless grasses over the plain Come and go with every season; Wildfire never quite consumes them — They are tall once more in the spring wind. Sweet they press on the old high- road And reach the crumbling city-gate…. O Prince of Friends,... Continue Reading →


Why lips crack in cold weather?

Author: Shababiru Yakubu. The drying, cracking, swelling, feeling of pain and tearing of lips usually happens during the cold session, this is very common but how can you treat it and prevent yourself from future occurrence? The painful cracking, swelling and tearing which usually happened in the corners of mouth is called Angular Stomatitis. Angular... Continue Reading →

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