Respect Is Earn Not Buy.

In an organization of tens to twenties of young people, it happened to be that the gate-man was an old poor man. This man was too weak and helpless, he kept eyes on the get so he could get some penny to support his family. One afternoon, after every worker was out of their office,... Continue Reading →


Bridal Song (by William Shakespeare)

Roses, their sharp spines being gone, Not royal in their smells alone, But in their hue; Maiden pinks, of odour faint, Daisies smell-less, yet most quaint, And sweet thyme true; Primrose, firstborn child of Ver; Merry springtime's harbinger, With her bells dim; Oxlips in their cradles growing, Marigolds on death-beds blowing, Larks'-heels trim; All dear... Continue Reading →

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